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Countless years ago a Light Goddess and Dark Lord were born with one purpose. They were to bring balance between Light and Dark to this world.

To help them with this task a crystal was made. Beautiful amethyst she was. If she suddenly went towards a light blue, the Dark Lord had to apply some Darkness to the world to balance it back to amethyst. Same thing with the Light Goddess if the crystal was suddenly going towards a blood-red.

Unfortunetly, soon enough the Dark Lord became ravenous for power. He turned to the crystal, but the Light Goddess forsaw this day and had already fled with it. There was a small battle between them, but it caused a shatter to the balance. (Find out what happened:

Now, in current time, the crystal has been reformed. It is for you to decide if you'd rather take the side of Light and bring balance back to this world, or join the evergrowing Darkness and help the Dark Lord conquer the world.


A World of Warcraft guild of custom lore for those who want a taste of something different.

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