Welcome to the Storyline page. Here you can dive deeper into the developing story. However the story doesn't exactly follow along with the roleplay, but you get to experience interacting with some of the characters and some of the scenes you will read about. If lucky, your character might end up in the story (with your permission, of course). Enjoy!

The BeginningEdit

"Only death shall come from the Darkness, my Dear!"

The Moonlight Goddess ducked just in time as the wind of claw-like hands ruffled her moonlight, silver hair. She turned her light burning eyes upon the attacker; whom she once loved.

He smirked down at her from his perch in the torn tree, his lightless colored fallen-angel wings spread and barely visible in the thick mist.

"What do you want, Korrosolan?" asked the Goddess in a shaky voice. Her eyes stay fixed upon Korrosolan's dark blood-red ones, seeing the desire for power.

"Aye, what any Dark man would want, my dear Luna." His eyes tore from hers, fixing upon a satchel hung over her shoulder. He could see through the deer hide leather. Luna places a hand on the outside of the satchel, feeling the vibration of a beautiful, humming crystal with great power through the velvety leather. She narrowed her eyes. "I would rather die than give up--" she was cut off as she once more ducked, this time loosing her balance to miss Korrosolan's hooked hands. She fell to the ground. After moments of recovering, she propped herself on her elbow, looking behind her as Korrosolan landed loudly, his back to her. He partially folded his wings, turning around to score into her eyes.

In a viper-like motion, Korrosolan gripped Luna around the throat with one strong hand, lifting her to the misted sky. He let out a deep, dark chuckle and said, "You are too late, my Dear. Soon I and the Dark elves shall convert the crystal and use its power to mask the world in Darkness. The time of Darkness, is now!" The eyes of the Goddess adjusted up to the sky. It was too late. She watches as the mist parted, revealing her beautiful moon about to turn a complete blood-red. A hum began and increased, burning its way out of the satchel. There was a sound of glass clinking on rock, but no breakage. Upon the ground lay the crystal. Instead of its dazzling, illuminating amethyst glow, it thrashed with a fierce blood-red.

Luna remembers when her and Korrosolan were born to be together. They were to create a balance between Light and Dark. So, the crystal was born like their own child. Made from both powers; both sides. A moon-like blue represented light, a dark blood-red represented darkness. Together they formed the purple glow. Luna was to create Moon Elves who would maintain this balance. Then, Korrosolan had gotten jealous, thrown away the love between them, and created those of the dark: Dark Elves. He gave them a range of strong and extrodinary powers. Soon enough, humans and other creatures were victoms to be influenced. They hungered for such powers.

Luna snapped out of her mind babbling, seeing Korrosolan reach down for the crystal. He had lowered her enough so she could almost touch it, her feet a few inches from the ground. "Korrosolan, I've known you for this long and you're still an idiot." With that, Luna kicked the crystal and watched it get near the edge of the cliff many yards away. Below, a battle between both of their people rages on. When Korrosolan dropped Luna, going for the crystal, the sudden movement made the crystal get closer to falling. It sat there on verge, taunting. Then, it tipped. "NO!" Korrosolan grabbed the air where the crystal had been; it now was falling. A few moments passed. Dead silence was around them. Then the crystal shattered; shattered the night into stillness.

The Goddess lifted into the air, her bright, moonlight angel wings spread. All that could be seen was a tiny spec as she disappeared in the heavens above right in front of the blood-draining moon. Korrosolan had hurled himself in a direction unknown. Till this day it is said he returned back to where he belongs: Hell.

The only evidence left was a shattered crystal in the city of the Moon Elves. Its innocense shined like moonlight.


This slumber had seemed eternal. But, I wouldn't have minded being here forever next to my Goddess. It had felt great when I were next to the one I love, fighting for her in my dreams. I always wished I could walk the land like those other creatures. But, I was a mere shattered crystal in the real world. All I could really do was watch my Goddess struggle for me to be pieced back together...

... until today.

All I could see was a bright light. I thought, Am I in heaven instead of being brought into the real world? I even saw my Goddess. She was standing next to me... holding my hand.

My hand? I blink a few times and stare at my hand. The feeling of my palm touching hers. The fingers gently resting on the soft, silk bed. It was definitely my hand. But how? How could it be mine? I was just a crystal. This was absolutely just a dream.

"Welcome, my dear daughter," said my Goddess in a soft tone. Her eyes watch me, taking in the reaction I was getting. From my expression she could tell I wasn't believing this, so she continues, "I saw how much you loved being able to walk in my realm, which was your dream. So, I bestowed upon you the gift of a body of beauty." She gently hands me a hand mirror. I take it shakily, peering at my reflection. My amethyst eyes widen as I take in the beauty of a thin face with a little roundness to it. My amethyst hair have fragments of crystal in them. It frames my face, with small waves and end curves, half covering my right eye.

As I place the mirror down on the bedside table I peer at my Goddess before slowly removing the sheets. I blink, surprised of my body. It was just like the one in my dream: slender with a light tan. My eyes trail back to my Goddess, who watches me with curiosity.

"Zulka," she said, "I'm glad this was a success. I thought you'd never be put back together after being shattered to bits." She smiles a little.

I sigh and trail my eyes around the room as I speak, "I still feel so broken inside, mother..."

My Goddess lightly squeezes my hand with some sorrow in her eyes, "I know, sweetie. You'll be that way until someone can repair you on the inside. Betrayal by your father can be a hard thing on us all, especially when he can be a threat to the balance he was made to protect."

"Who?" I ask her with anticipation, my eyes back on her, "Who will repair me?"

She sighs softly, "No one knows, dear."

I get myself to a sitting position and peer around the room once more. This wasn't my Goddess' realm at all. Instead of pure light walls, it was a color of lavender with forest green vines growing on them. The only light that came in was from my Goddess and the hole in the wall to my right. This looked a lot like a hospital in the city of Amerath; the city of the Moon Elves, the Goddess' balanced creations.

Suddenly, my Goddess was tense with wide eyes. This was nothing new to me. I watch as an image dances in her pupils. Her hand squeezes mine tighter. When the image fades she relaxes, breathing heavily. She then looks at me with worry. I could tell this image had to do with me. "Zulka," she said, still trying to catch her breath, "Korrosolan... He... He has returned. He felt you return to this world and he's coming for you. You must get out of here quickly!"

Everything was a blur. I was suddenly running from the hospital room, my Goddess guiding me through the halls by holding my hand. I have no clue where she's taking me, but I sure was scared. My eyes scan around, catching the curious faces of the nurses as we pass.

Then, daylight blinded us as we swiftly left through the doors of the Hospital. My eyes rise to the sky, watching as the clouds begin to gray as the blue darkens to black. My eyes then study the yellow dots. At first I thought they were stars. But, they got bigger and black swirls within them. I try my best to stay calm, but my heart thuds fast as the black and yellow portals continue to get bigger, about to let in the Dark Rising Organization to bring terror on the city.

While I had been distracted, my Goddess had led me to the gates of Amerath. "Go, Zulka! Run as fast as you can from here! And, whatever you do, don't look back!" she says in a frantic voice before a blinding light flashes, sending her into her realm.

Next thing I knew, I was running; running for my life. I always dreamed to one day walk here on this world. Apparently this was nothing but a never ending nightmare.

(To be continued...)

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